Travel and Holiday Loan: For You!

Are you planning a trip or your winter or summer vacation and do you need liquidity?   Macbeth is the solution you are looking for! Ready to help you as it has for over ten years with all its customers, present throughout the Italian territory. Choose the destination and make every wish without limits! Request your free quote now and without the obligation of a travel / holiday loan and within 24 hours an expert consultant will contact you to assess the feasibility of your financing .

Travel and Holiday Loan: How does it work?

This financing varies and you can request it for a holiday of pleasure and leisure , for a stay of study and culture, for medical interventions , for an experience abroad . It is a loan that covers 100% of the cost of a holiday or a trip. Usually the average amount that is requested does not exceed 10,000 euros, but the loan can be extended up to a maximum of 30000 euros . The travel and holiday loan can be repaid from 12 months up to 60 months. The rate is fixed for the entire duration foreseen by the loan contract and also the installments are monthly and constant.

This loan does not bind you, in fact you can freely organize your trip as you see fit, choosing the payment method you prefer, online, through an agency or directly in the place where you will be staying. If requesting a new personal loan scares you because you have other loans in progress, personal loan consolidation and liquidity is the right solution.

With this type of financing you will be able to combine all the current installments and obtain the liquidity needed to plan your holidays. Are you interested in this product? Ask us for a free consultation and a free estimate with no obligation through the compilation of this form.

Travel and Holiday Loan: Who can apply for them?

Travel and Holiday Loan: Who can apply for them?

The personal travel / holiday loan is aimed at all those aged between 18 and 75 at the end of the loan, with a clean credit position. The loan is obviously granted to those who have the possibility of paying off the debt , therefore creditworthiness is assessed. This data, if soiled by reports and / or protests, will almost certainly not lead to positive answers.

Risk policies are also evaluated, where obviously every credit institution implements its method and the level of income that must be demonstrable and sufficient. Therefore they can request the financing of employees with respective pay slips, autonomous with the tax return and the pensioners with slip. Therefore all the loans you already have must be paid regularly, without delay .

Travel and Holiday Loan: Some reasons for refusal

Travel and Holiday Loan: Some reasons for refusal

When a credit institution rejects your personal loan application, the reasons are usually the same. Among these, if your travel and holiday loan is rejected, it is certainly because you have recently or have not had any problems with financing. In fact, if you are registered in any database such as Ctc, as a bad payer with reports , it will not be possible to obtain the loan, even in the event of protests due to bills or checks.

The name will be in a database if you have only paid one installment or more late or if you have not repaid the debt, if you have requested a loan very recently and with a negative outcome, if you never have access to a loan or if you have many monthly commitments that lead to having some debts and if you signed as guarantor to a credit in which the applicant badly pays the installments.