Valley Bail Bonds -A Bail Bond Process

A Bail Bond Process

Bail Bond Process

how bail bonds work? If an individual does not have enough money to cover the full amount of the bond, you can use the services of a bail bond agent. The agent agrees to take the individual out of jail in exchange for a fee of 8-10% of the total amount of the bond.

When the fee has been negotiated and a co-signer has taken responsibility for the full bail, the bail agent delivers the bail to the jail and the arrested individual is released under fine with the condition of presenting himself to court.


Freedom Rates Under Bond

Freedom Rates Under Bond

Our rates are on file with the California Department of Insurance. Notices of our rates can be found predominantly on the wall of our branches.



It is a crime not to charge the appropriate rates for jail bonds. We always charge the rates shown below to all its customers.


California State Bail Bonds

– Bail of $ 500.00 of liability will be charged $ 50.00

– Bail of more than $ 500.00 of liability will be charged 10% of the total amount


Federal bonds

– Bail of up to and including $ 450.00 of liability will be charged $ 50.00

– Bail of more than $ 450.00 will be charged 12% of the criminal amount


0% financing

0% financing

Interest-free credit terms

If you think you can not pay your bail, we can help you. We offer interest-free credit terms that are modified specifically for you and your financial situation. You can give a minimum amount of 0-5% of between. When your bail is approved you can literally leave now and pay tomorrow. Do not let money stop you.