What is a Bail Hearing?

If the police have concerns about the release of your partner, they should take them to court, which will hold a bail hearing. The judge or justice will decide whether to release your partner or detain him / her in custody until trial.

Bail hearing

Bail hearing

A hearing that takes place after the arrest of a person charged with a crime and at which the judge or justice of the peace decides whether the police can continue to keep the accused in custody. prison or whether to release him.

The accused may be released provided that he / she meets certain “conditions”. Thus, the court could order him not to approach his partner.


Important : You are not required to attend the bail hearing.

You are not required to attend the bail hearing

Tell the investigator what you want the court to know about your partner. You can specify the terms and conditions that you think the release order should include, whether you file it or as soon as possible thereafter. This is an important step, especially if you fear for your safety. If you need help explaining your fears, a shelter, or a sexual assault or domestic violence treatment center for assistance.

If your partner is detained for a bail hearing, our staff will attempt to phone you before he or she is released to find out what information you would like to be sent to the Crown Attorney. like your security fears. It is important that you give the police an up-to-date telephone number so that they can call you.

If your partner is not released and is incarcerated until trial, the court may order that the partner not contact you or your children. If you would like this prohibition of communication to be listed in the order, tell the police staff.

If the court has forbidden communication and your partner is communicating with you or your children, call the police.