Young loans from the European Union, funding provided, calls 2019

Are you young and do you have a dream in the drawer that is difficult to make? No fear, resignation is not expected when you’re a kid. One of the best ways to make your wishes come true is to try to get non-repayable loans like the ones in the European funds program.

In 2019 there are several tenders to which you can participate to access the funds allocated by the European Union for this year. In this article we will show you how to do it and what requirements are necessary to obtain the required capital.

Non-repayable loans

Non-repayable loans

Non- repayable loans are one of the best ways to follow when – in the absence of extra liquidity – we intend to obtain a sum of money to be able to carry out our projects. But what changes compared to traditional loans ? Simple, with the non-repayable loans the sum to be repaid will be lower than the one granted to us on loan. A part is in fact a grant and therefore will never be reimbursed. The remainder of the money is returned with a facilitated repayment plan.

Non-repayable loans are an excellent opportunity granted to Italy by the European Union in order to revive the economy. The calls are published every year.

There are several sectors that these calls for tenders opened by the European Union are aimed at. One of the most popular fields is undoubtedly that of agriculture . The funds allocated include, for example, “ICT-AGRI – Farm Management Systems for Precision Farming”. This is a call for proposals aimed at young people who want to specialize in what is called precision agriculture.

With these loans young people

Recipients of capital, can buy hardware and software to keep the business under control. All Italian regions allow citizens to take advantage of this opportunity.

It is clear that there are many requests because we are talking about a favorable credit solution. This is why there are specific requirements to be taken into account before submitting the application and participating in the call. They can, for example – in most cases – access to funding grant those who are reported to be bad payers. Another important requirement – after exclusion – is the absence of economic problems and the regularity of payments of employee contributions. Furthermore, the applicant must not have been convicted in the last 10 years. These projects are characterized by a minimum of 8,000 euros up to a maximum amount of 35,000 euros.

How to do

There are so many calls that are open this year. To get an idea about non -repayable loans for young people, it is enough to have a computer and internet connection: go to the site of the region of residence and check all the active calls. Among the sectors in vogue, in addition to agriculture, there is youth and female entrepreneurship . In the latter case the European Union intends to extend its hand to the “pink” population that often encounters obstacles and problems in carrying out projects of an entrepreneurial nature.

Once you have found the call that interests you, try to read it carefully. At the corner, therefore, any kind of distraction. Try to focus on the requirements. In fact, the European Union will list the main characteristics that a project must have in order to be financed by a loan . If the idea that you have in mind has all the requisites required and you fall into the category of entrepreneurs to whom the call is addressed, then you just need to present the application. Please complete the form that you can find on the website of the region to which you belong.